Mexico Takes to the Streets for Students of Ayotzinapa

Mexicans took to the streets on Wednesday in impromptu marches in support of students from a rural teachers’ college in Ayotzinapa, Guerrero, who were murdered and disappeared in late September. Police officers and cartel members are suspected of burying the students in mass graves, which were discovered on Saturday. The public outcry led to a call for a national march to demand justice.

More than 50 cities participated from Chiapas to Baja California.

Photos via Proceso, La Jornada

This is important

I feel like everyone talks about Mexican emigration to the U.S., but no one talks about why Mexican families are fleeing the country. Always curious why people refer to these families as “illegal immigrants” instead of “refugees”. When you promote deportation of Mexicans who have illegally crossed the border, you are trying to send many of them back to small border towns that have become war zones run by corrupt police and drug cartels.



Today in Solidarity (10.16.14): 5 days in and #OccupySLU is still going strong. Many students are actively engaging in meaningful dialogue about policing, white privilege, and the need for systemic change. Of course, fuckboys are plentiful in the world, and two bitter ass (white) boys thought it would be fun to bring a group of police officers to intimidate the peaceful crowd. Glad to see students standing in solidarity with what’s happening in the own backyard. This is a movement in action. #staywoke

Looking for a way to support the actions happening in Ferguson/St. Louis. You can donate supplies to #OccupySLU @ 5121 Page Blvd, St Louis, MO, 63115.


sometime in the future

  • old me: ah yes I remember the Great Skeleton War of 2014.
  • grandchildren: grandma that never happened.
  • old me: it was a long war.
  • grandchildren: grandma please stop we've talked about this.
  • old me: the only way to end it was to make a treaty with the skeletons.
  • grandchildren: grandma
  • old Me: and that's why humans have skeletons inside them.
  • grandchildren: gRANDMA PLEASE